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Town of Twillingate- Leak Detection

We received a call from the town's superintendent regarding a possible leak within their system. They were losing a large amount of water and couldn't find where it was going.



We were contacted by the town regarding a possible leak within their system. It was not coing to the surface and they couldn't figure out where the water was going. Our crew mobilized and headed toward the town to assist in finding the leak. With the vast amount of water being lost, the town was having trouble maintaining adequate pressure within the system to provide water to their residents. The was a particular problem at higher terrain. With the urgency in mind, our crew quickly arrived onsite and met with the superintendent who talked us through what their staff had found so far. They narrowed the leak down to one part of town due to the pressure drop recorded at one of their pressure gauges. The topography of the area (Relitively flat land, close to the ocean and minimal soil cover over bedrock) led the water not to show at the surface. Our crew utilized our state-of-the-art leak detection equipment to begin listening to the water system in the suspected area. Two particular areas were of great significance based on preliminary scanning. Our crew then traced (located) the watermain below grade and began a more thorough leak investigation to pinpoint the leak. Our equipment quickly located and pinpointed the leak to within a meter and excavation efforts could then be initiated to repair the leak. 

The leak was repaired, another one was located and the pressure returned to the town system once again.






Town of Twillingate

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