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NorTen Contracting offers many services to its clients. Some are expected and some are very unique. Let us know what you need and we can help you in anyway that we can.



You never realize the importance of a properly functioning home or business until there's an issue. We understand. 

From the initial call to solving the problem, let NorTen take care of it for you.

Waterline, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer Install and Repair


Having sanitary sewer issues? Wondering why your system seems to have more problems during the fall? Are you purchasing your forever home and don't know if that beautiful maple tree out front could be affecting your lateral? Let us take a look for you and find out what you need to know about your system before it is too late.



Building a new home or cabin and need a septic system designed and installed? Maybe your outdated system just needs an overhaul, or maybe you just bought a property and you are not sure what you are dealing with. 

Let NorTen give you a quote today.


Leak detection is the next level in spot leak repair. If you have a waterline leak and need to know exactly where it is to make the repair, contact us today. This is guaranteed to save both time and money.



Underground infrastructure wasn't always placed in the best location. NorTen can locate your buried waterline effectively so you can fix your problem quickly or avoid having one in the first place.


Federal regulations make it mandatory that any sanitary sewer effluent that empties into our oceans must be monitored. NorTen provides this specialty service to its clients by monitoring community outfalls, retrieving flow data, sampling effluent and uploading data to federal database.

Please contact us to discuss further. 

PRV Maintenance

Many municipalities are facing the same issues when it comes to their aging infrastructure. The need for regular and cost effective maintenance should be a top priority when sustaining a water or wastewater system, but this isn't always the case. Let NorTen inspect and and maintain your infrastructure so it will keep working for years to come.


Seeing is believing. There is no better way to determine how much water a system can provide than to physically test the area using flow monitoring equipment. We can work with you to run flow testing equipment and give an accurate and detailed report of what a water system can effectively handle. 

Whether it's a new subdivision, a new building or you just want to know how a system is performing, NorTen can help you every step of the way. 


Sewer Inspection Camera

Vivax-Metrotech VCam 6


Let us take care of any water and wastewater issue you might have. Does your issue not fit into any of the categories above? That's OK! 

Contact us now to discuss your unique situation.

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