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Outfall Flow Monitoring/ Effluent Quality Testing 

Federal  & Provincial regulations make it mandatory that any sanitary sewer effluent that empties into our protected waterbodies must be monitored. NorTen provides this specialty service to its clients by monitoring community outfalls, retrieving flow data, sampling effluent and uploading data to federal database.

With contracts throughout Newfoundland & Labrador, we can help you maintain your compliance with current policies.

Coast Line



We provide all necessary equipment and knowledge to have your municipality meet the policies and regulations set through the federal and provincial government. Our team will work with you to develop a model of catchment locations (if not already established) and provide expertise on frequency of sampling, sampling parameters and methods, ongoing equipment usage as well as preventative maintenance moving forward.

We can advise on tasks that will be necessary for your team to tackle the required monitoring or we can simplify the entire process and take over the sampling and monitoring completely. 

Every outfall is unique and parameters change with each location, call to discuss further!


Throughout Newfoundland & Labrador


2019- Present


Various Municipalities

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